Boston Museum of Fine Arts

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts is considered to be one of the largest museums in the country. It is estimated that more than a million visitors come to see the exhibits that are displayed here, making it the 54th most visited museum in the world. Known to have more than 450,000 pieces of art, the collections began when it was founded in 1870.

The museum is also affiliated with an art academy called the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. It has a sister concern called the Nagoya/Boston Museum of Fine Arts in Nagoya, Japan.

The museum is open all days of the week and a visit is charged by a ticket. However, if one wants to go visiting without having to pay, the person can choose to visit on Wednesdays after 4pm when the museum is free to visit. The good thing is that one can buy a ticket and then see the collection and in case a person has not been able to complete the tour, he or she can come back within 10 days and continue the tour without having to purchase another ticket.

The collections that the museum has to offer can be divided into various groups. Some of them have been classified based on the continent that they are from. In addition to that there is the ancient world collection, the contemporary art collection, photography collection, prints and drawings collection, musical instruments, textiles and fashion arts, jewelry, provenance, archives, publications and images of the Museum of Fine Arts.

The museum believes in making learning fun for all those who are interested and there are various programs that are created each year. There are film screenings, studio art classes, lectures and courses, teen programs, kid programs and school programs that are organized. The exhibitions are changed regularly and therefore one can hardly ever feel that they are seeing the same thing over and over again.


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