Purpose of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts

The mission statement of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts was adopted by the Board of Trustees in 1991. The museum aims at housing and preserving preeminent collections and to ensure that a wide variety of people encounter the works of art and are inspired by it. The Museum prides itself in having the highest quality of standards in all its endeavors irrespective of whether it is the use of specific methods to preserve the collections or the manner in which programs and special events are conducted in the museum.

The museum also intends to help those who are familiar with fine arts and those who are looking at getting familiar with the same at various levels. Exhibitions, programs, research and publications are the methods that are chosen by the museum in order to provide all the support that they can to art lovers.

The trustees of the museum believe that they hold the collections for future generations to learn from. Conservation therefore becomes extremely necessary and an important part of what the museum does. In addition to that, there is always a continuous search for newer areas that may have been neglected thus far.

The museum has the talent that is required to interpret and document its own collections and believes that they celebrate all kinds of cultures and works of art. The museum also intends to stimulate the senses of a casual visitor in order to make them realize the power of fine art. This, they feel helps people have a better awareness, understanding and appreciation of varied cultures and traditions. The Boston Museum of Fine Arts does this in a more direct manner by providing educational opportunities for visitors and those who register as members, by creating visual experiences. In addition to that there is also the affiliated School that helps students graduate in fine arts too.


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